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14 Mar
Data is not insight.

Using statistics to support marketing strategy is nothing new. We marketers try to create messages that appeal to our clients’ customers, so the more we know about what their customers want, the better our messages, right? Not so much. While good data supplies important information and can certainly help avoid risk, it’s just not the

12 Feb
The cost of saying “yes.”

Driven people are “yes” people. The employees you can rely on. The clients who are game to take on a new challenge. The friend who will be there no matter what. But life is about balance. Checks and balances. When we say “yes” to one thing, we always have to say “no” to another (even

20 Nov
Give Joy.

“It’s not just the things we do at the holidays. It’s the holiday things we do all year.” Not many companies measure success by how much they can give away, but six years ago Toms brought a novel idea to the retail world. They started with giving away a pair

30 Aug
Video: Taking Risks

Just two classes into my mentor experience at Butler University’s School of Business, and I am reminded how important it is to keep learning during your career. These bright sophomores may not bring years of experience to the table, but they arrived full of ideas and no fear of risk. A good thing to remember


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