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08 Nov
Holiday Kick

Settling into the holiday season often feels like a license to kick back, relax and set ourselves on autopilot until after the New Year. Me? I love the idea of hitting it hard during the holidays — it can be a real competitive advantage in my book. Is it important to spend time with loved

11 Oct
Which 12 Hour Shift Do You Want?

My cousin, who had worked hard his entire life, used to say that to be successful you just have to work a half-day every day; just pick whichever 12 hour shift you want. I use this phrase a lot when I speak about entrepreneurship and what it really takes to make your business a success and

07 Oct
S-E-O so simple

It seems like everywhere you turn lately, there’s a discussion about SEO. While one source says it’s critical to success, another says it’s a thing of the past. But maybe you’re just wondering what it IS. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of improving visibility of online content in


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