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11 Jun
Ethos. Logos. Pathos.

Last weekend my son graduated from Loyola Law, and the keynote speaker reminded us of Aristotle’s directive to influence the listener when making an argument. Ethos, Logos, Pathos, the speaker repeated. In contemporary language: credibility, logic and motivation. As I listened to his challenge to his audience, I thought, Isn’t this a wonderful credo for

21 May
Surprise, surprise. Turns out a bad check-out experience leaves a sour taste in our mouths.

From giant food chains to hardware stores to fast-food outlets and high end department stores, retailers across the country are making reduced wait times a top priority for enhancing the shopping experience and building loyalty. Turns out most of us don’t like waiting in line much, and would appreciate a little hospitality when we spend

23 Apr
Why does Shutterfly succeed while Kodak flails?

Take a moment to think about your family photo albums. Now think about the photos on your iPhone….your computer…your Facebook page….sitting in your digital camera. And what about before the digital world…the rolls of film left undeveloped? It’s a problem that brands like Kodak and Fujifilm were unable to solve yet digital photography website

02 Apr
Weight Watchers reaches for higher hanging fruit with new marketing.

Sex sells — or at least that’s what the marketers at Slim Fast have been told. The household name weight loss drink launched a new series of ads this week, touting the benefits of weight loss when it comes to the bedroom. Interestingly enough, its competitor, Weight Watchers, has adopted a more holistic marketing campaign

14 Mar
Data is not insight.

Using statistics to support marketing strategy is nothing new. We marketers try to create messages that appeal to our clients’ customers, so the more we know about what their customers want, the better our messages, right? Not so much. While good data supplies important information and can certainly help avoid risk, it’s just not the


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