Marketing is not an afterthought

I once had a client who got very excited about the process of rebranding: the ideas, the concepts, the new logo, the new website, the new ads, the photography. But when it came to actually implementing a strategy, her eyes glazed over. The tedious process of a media strategy, the sometime onerous details of social media implementation, the work involved in creating a consistent promotional calendar, the cost of implementation and consistency simply weren’t a priority.

Because the hard part of marketing wasn’t as fun, our “rebranding” effort didn’t stand a chance of affecting her bottom line over the long run. Once the “fun” part of the process was complete, her enthusiasm started to wane. Any chance for long-term planning faded away. My hopes for filling a pipeline of customers for years to come, gone.

Without marketing to bring new customers to her doors week after week, month after month, the only thing the re-branding did was make my client feel good.

That’s not to say that creating great, attention-getting materials isn’t an essential piece of rebranding. But in the end, new creative work is the sizzle; well planned marketing is the steak.

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