Is small the new big for brands?

Just as I’m reading David Brier’s column I remembered that the World’s Fastest Agency launched this spring as the world’s first 100% Twitter based ad. WFA promises to deliver a quality creative pitch within 24 hours.

Perhaps David is really on to something. After all Twitter changed the way we communicate in 140 characters. As he says, “Big Gulps have given way for 1.93-oz. energy shots, Tim Ferriss has shrunk our work week to four hours, and Chobani’s slimmed down into a mini-size cup.

For brands, thinking small can pave the way for big success.”

It seems people are so distracted today with choices and demands on their time, that they just can’t handle it all. There are too many choices and not enough time. Customers don’t have the attention span they used to, so smaller starts to have greater appeal. It sounds like less because it is less. As in less hassle, less annoyance, less stress.

What does that mean for your brand? For starters, your customers have to fit more information into less space. So the easier you make it for them, the better. Amazon does it by making the checkout process “smaller” with their “one click” checkout process. Mike’s Car Wash does it by offering a unlimited monthly pass that allows you to drive straight through with a quick scan on your windshield. Walgreens does it with their refill by scan app for mobile phones.

How will your company start thinking small?






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