Jim Beam goes back to school.

Last year we heard about how Jim Beam CEO Fred Noe got a tattoo for his customers (really!) and now the spirit maker is creating a buzz again after global CMO Kevin George decided to take boardroom business back to the classroom.

The headline for a recent story in Ad Age says it all: “Beam Goes Back to School in Search of Social-Media Solution.”

George was among one of about a half-dozen representatives of other major brands — including Kellogg, Louisville Slugger and — for an event put on University of Miami’s school of business. His challenge for the students? How to organize his company for social media given the constraints of a relatively modest budget for a spirits marketer and nearly 50 brands in the U.S. alone.

The solution the students came up with was not far off what the company had in mind, confirming they’re on track with what the next generation is thinking.

Is there anything Jim Beam won’t try?

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