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30 May
Sorry, for starters…

I don’t care if you run a mom and pop diner or a Fortune 500 company, customer service is always your first line of defense. And what’s the biggest weapon your defense has? Empathy. The ability to say I’m sorry. I know how you feel. Let me fix that for you. Your customers expect to

23 May
Sparking serendipity. Would it work for your company?

When Marissa Mayer called her Yahoo employees in from the field, she caused quite a stir. But perhaps the controversial CEO had more than productivity in mind…. Between tele-commuting and the “me” driven social media, many companies are finding a need to encourage and maximize employee interaction, particularly within the creative fields. Google is working

21 May
Surprise, surprise. Turns out a bad check-out experience leaves a sour taste in our mouths.

From giant food chains to hardware stores to fast-food outlets and high end department stores, retailers across the country are making reduced wait times a top priority for enhancing the shopping experience and building loyalty. Turns out most of us don’t like waiting in line much, and would appreciate a little hospitality when we spend

07 May
No cell phones during meetings? Talk about a culture change.

Melissa Mayer isn’t the only CEO shaking up the culture of her company. Bob Flexon, CEO of Dynergy, started with $5 million in savings when he moved from fancy headquarters to a single open floor in a new building and swapped private offices for cubicles. But that was just a start. “Among other changes, he


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