Those quirky Millenials. Even McDonald’s is confused.

McDonald’s is looking to solve its low-ranking problem among Millennials with a sandwich. This age group (which is somewhere between 18 and 36 depending on who you ask) doesn’t even place the fast food giant in the top 10 of their preferred restaurant chains. In an attempt to change that, McDonald’s is launching the McWrap.

As McDonald’s answer to Subway, the McWrap offers a variety of choices and customization. The real question is, is that what Millennials want? And more importantly…

If McDonald’s is struggling, what can the rest of us do?

A recent Ad Age story notes that  at a minimum brands must be available and relevant to register with Millennials.

“They grew up with DVRs. They grew up being marketed to through video games. We have to be more relevant than 10 years ago.” Stevie Benjamin, media director for MillerCoors.

The article goes on to note something else on which most marketers will agree:
Millennials are “80 million people but they’re influencing the next 80 million, both younger and older.” Reaching young adults is nothing new, but one new reason is that these Millennials are influencing older consumers.

What else do we know?

Millennials enjoy fresh and organic food, variety and customizable products, social change, sustainability, and social savvy brands. Ad Age explains each topic in detail.
Consider what this means for your brand. Maybe you can find a way to speak the language of Millennials.

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