Weight Watchers reaches for higher hanging fruit with new marketing.

Sex sells — or at least that’s what the marketers at Slim Fast have been told.
The household name weight loss drink launched a new series of ads this week, touting the benefits of weight loss when it comes to the bedroom.

Interestingly enough, its competitor, Weight Watchers, has adopted a more holistic marketing campaign instead focusing on healthy living versus calorie counting. There’s no question that Slim Fast’s new campaign is designed not only to raise eyebrows but profits as well. According to a recent Ad Age story,

The company declined to comment on the campaign, but it’s obviously aimed at lifting sales. Slim-Fast liquid sales fell 5.4% in 2012 to $77 million, although it still controls a leading 40.8% of the liquid/powder meal-replacement category, according to market researcher Packaged Facts.

But will suggestive ads and a risqué marketing plan lead to consistent and steady sales?

It seems to me that Weight Watchers is looking out for their customers in the long run, not just going for low-hanging fruit that will get them short-term sales spikes.

If a product or program works, do you really need sex to sell it?

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