At your service, in less than 140-characters

A New York based agency recently released a new service that will respond to clients from briefing to idea within 24 hours…using Twitter as a medium.

This post by Ad Age reports that the World’s Fastest Agency outputs will include “tag lines, product and service naming, communications platforms and (of course) stunts.”

Here’s how it works, according to the article:

A three-step process involves the deposit of a one-time fee of $999 via PayPal, the sending of a brief via direct message to @fastestagency, and then the turnaround of an idea via Twitter direct message within 24 hours.

The company insists that its not in competition with traditional agencies, but my concerns really stem from the old saying, “you get what you pay for.” And considering there’s no money back guarantee, it’s a risky investment.

Here’s an example that the World’s Fastest Agency lists on its site:

Brief:  “Create national media coverage for our sore throat lozenge” ​

Idea:  “Sell my voice on eBay, I’ll shout the brand name every hour for a week”​

One thousand dollars. One thought.

So much for costing a penny.


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