Back to basics.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the marketing world today. We see companies and brands forget their roots, getting so caught up in the hype of digital and social, the radical and influential — they forget the simple things.

They drive policies and procedures into their employees to the point where they lose their ability to utilize common sense.
They’re so worried about the next customer, they ignore the one standing in front of them.
They get so caught up with faster and cheaper, they allow quality and value to fly right out the window.

But that’s not the time to get back to basics. No, the time for that comes long before your brand ever reaches that point. And it’s not just a one time refresher, this should be an ongoing part of your planning.

Whether your brand is just starting out or a Fortune 500 company, take a look at it through the eyes of a mom and pop shop every once and a while.

Don’t underestimate the power of a postcard.
Or a smile.
Remember the person on the other end of the phone has a family.
Sometimes a handshake is good enough.
Follow your gut.
Let the customer be right.
Forget about the data for a moment.
Get back to basics.

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