For starters, let’s just talk.

It may be a modern world, but some things never change. Last week I got a call from a CEO wanting to discuss adding social media to his marketing mix. But when I arrived, I realized this particular CEO wasn’t really interested in social media at all. He was just convinced he had to be there. In fact, the entire topic of Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and how marketing tactics are changing at break-neck speed made him cringe.

So we had a conversation.

We discussed some of the ways he might use technology to talk about why his company started, and where it was going. About relating to his customers and his employees. About how to be approachable and authentic. The more we talked, the more he realized that social media is simply another way to communicate. I could feel the fear start to dissipate.

When all was said and done, I walked away knowing a little bit about his story. And he knew a little bit about mine. Yes, the next step is to write a proposal that defines a potential working relationship. Perhaps he will end up proactively engaging with his customers and employees via social media. Hopefully, he feels more knowledgeable and comfortable to try.

But it started with a conversation.

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