The cost of saying “yes.”

Driven people are “yes” people.

The employees you can rely on. The clients who are game to take on a new challenge. The friend who will be there no matter what.

But life is about balance. Checks and balances. When we say “yes” to one thing, we always have to say “no” to another (even if “other” is taking a well-deserved bubble bath).

Being a “yes” person is a good thing. It means you’re open and positive. You’re up for trying new things and aren’t afraid to take risks. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance it also means that you stretch yourself thin. You find yourself needing to be in two places at once. If things get out of hand, you get behind, you let people down and the world starts to fall apart.

Saying “yes” is easy, but that doesn’t mean in comes cheap.

The next time you’re faced with a question, consider what “yes” will cost you.

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