Local is Hard

As we move forward into 2013, let’s get out of the mindset of ‘thinking big’ for a moment and focus on something that hits a little closer to home — in a big way.

If your business is struggling when it comes to local marketing, you’re not alone. And I don’t just mean you’re in the company of other small businesses either.

“Local is so hard; it’s not a game one can win alone,” said Walt Doyle, GM of PayPal Media Network. “You have to have lots and lots of partners.” Judy Shapiro recently discuss the subject in an AdAge post reviewing The StreetFight Summit. That’s right, even businesses like PayPal know better than to tackle local alone.

As both Shaprio and Doyle point out, the battle lies in digital/social/mobile marketing. The good news is, we can use that to our advantage. With each passing day the world builds another layer upon layer of facets within the technology field. So how is this a good thing?

Consumers are leaving a bread crumb trail of their habits, who they are, where they shop, what they buy — technology allows us the ability to see their entire purchase history. Our job, as marketers, is to knit this map of purchases together, but as we said before, this isn’t something you have to do on your own.

Take a look around you and look at companies that can help you in this realm, from consultants to service providers, possible partnerships and educational resources.

How can you think small, in a big way?

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