Expand your brand with experience marketing

We talk a lot about “Do-good” marketing but a recent article in Ad Age makes a prediction that experiences are where the marketing world is heading in 2013. One of the most popular examples of this at the moment is MasterCard’s Priceless Cities program where in Chicago members are offered the chance to play at Wrigley Field or visit a live music performance at the Shedd Aquarium.

It’s no longer enough to simply offer consumers a product. It’s a marketer’s job to them them about the fun times they’ll have, the things they’ll learn and the stories they’ll have to share later — then follow through to make sure those things happen.

It’s no longer enough to buy commercial air-time. Consumers want the opportunity to hold a product in their hand and see what it’s made of. Apple does a great job of this in their stores, where customers are invited to log on to iPads, computers and phones.

Don’t have a tangible product to sell? This goes for you, too.

It’s no longer enough to tell your client what you can do for them. “Do-good” marketing will make your customers feel warm and fuzzy. But experience marketing creates a direct connection to your brand. You have to show them what you have to offer first-hand.

Doing “good” is great, but providing your customer with living proof? That’s something they have to experience for themselves.

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