Top 50 Innovative Companies from Fast Company: Chipolte

Here’s a fresh idea for fast-food marketers — try telling customers the truth. At least that’s what’s working for Mark Crumpacker, the CMO of burrito chain Chipolte. Named as one of Fast Company’s 50 Innovative Companies in 2012, Chipolte is more than deserving of the title, with the chain opening a new restaurant almost every other day.

The company goes beyond just a sustainable food-approach though with an emerging music label benefiting charitable foundations and emotionally engaging advertising, according to the article.

…instead of a goofy king or a catchy slogan, Chipotle is developing a recognizable marketing campaign around the idea that our food production should be healthier and more ethical.

There’s a lesson here for every marketing, no matter the industry. You don’t have to sacrifice the bottom line — cheaper and faster isn’t the way to go. But connecting with your customers using an honest business model is.

Photograph by Todd McLellan

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