How a 156 year old company appeals to a wider and younger audience

In 2009, Burberry was one of the first fashion houses to live-stream a runway show. Look back to 1856, and it was a company that supplied British explorers with coats and tents for polar expeditions. So how did Burberry survive and maintain a high-level of success after 156 years? By remaining relevant.

Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey, recently explained his role in the company’s marketing approach to Ad Age. Despite never having any formal marketing training, Bailey has ensured Burberry’s prominent role in both the fashion and digital realms.

“[Digital] is something that should never be an after-thought – it should never be a checklist that is something to do,” he told Ad Age in their Dec. 10 issue. When digital becomes a checklist — a chore, consumers will know the difference. Especially the younger ones.

“…if you deal with it as a project, it will always be superficial,” he said.

Want to keep your digital marketing fresh? Bailey says avoid the formula.

The real world moves fast and the digital world moves faster. It’s easy to set out a plan and become complacent with it’s execution. The message loses it’s vigor, the brand, it’s voice. Remember to keep an open-mind and move forward. Don’t be afraid to change things up and re-think the formula — even when it’s working.

That’s how a company makes it 156 years.


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