Top 50 Innovative Companies from Fast Company: UPS

The holiday shopping season may be over, but that doesn’t mean UPS is kicking back and taking a break.

After launching their My Choice program this past October, more than 600,000 consumers joined in the first 90 days, according to Fast Company who listed UPS as one of their Top 50 Innovative Companies. The free service gives consumers a day’s notice on a package’s impending arrival; for an extra fee ($5, or $40 a year), they can control when and where it’s delivered.

Retailers like QVC, who also joined the My Choice program, benefit as the program helps to decrease the costs related to replacing or reshipping lost orders and to reduce the number of calls to a customer service center regarding order status.

UPS, founded in 1907 as the United Parcel Service, is a company that needs little branding work as their logo and organization are known nationwide. However that hasn’t stopped this hundred-year-old company from pushing forward and keeping their brand and their service relevant. They didn’t get there by slowing down after a busy season — every season is their busy season.

How are you pushing forward to keep your brand and your services relevant?

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