One for One and One for All

By the time other shoe retailers began imitating TOMS “one for one” concept, Toms was already expanding its efforts from shoes to eyewear.
The company, known for its process of giving away one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold, added the tradition of donating eye wear to help visually impaired people. It’s a business model that gave TOMS global recognition while also doing some good in the world.

After the success of One for One with shoes, founder Blake Mycoskie, came to the conclusion,

TOMS could be more than a shoe company – it should be a One for One company.

We’ve said before, it’s not just the things we do at the holidays. It’s the holiday things we do all year. It’s a reminder — especially during this season of giving — that you don’t have to make giving your business model, but you might consider how your company can make a difference in your community.

TOMS is a One for One company.

Now is a good time to ask, what kind of company do you want to be?

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