Get visual and get noticed.

As we move slowly, but surely through the month of December, we also approach a new year which is the perfect time to start preparing strategies for 2013. One of the best ways to do that is to look ahead for what issues or problems your industry will face. A recent story in AdAge covered the obstacles we can expect to see in the year ahead, specifically related to social media and branding.

There were two issues listed that I expect will be major concerns for everyone. The good news is that knowledge is power and by knowing what we’re up against, we can address these issues accordingly.

The first issue we need to address is content overload.

We must make sure that our message stands out among the millions of other voices fighting for attention. How do we do this? As the article suggests, by “creating experiences that people want to be a part of.” The key is really in getting back to the basics. Our message must be one of value. One that people can’t afford to miss.

A second concern is the increasing number of visuals.

A major part of that content overload will be comprised of images and a lot of them. According to a survey cited in the story, “45 percent of Internet users create and share images on social media sites.” This means we have to think about words and pictures differently than we used to. Words aren’t enough anymore. An audience expects compelling visuals to accompany them and in some cases, the visuals tell the story on their own.

Now is the time to take a survey of the land, so to speak, for 2013 and identify the challenges you anticipate your brand will face. Take the opportunity to consider new ways to get your content noticed and how to get visual with it.

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