When “I think” isn’t good enough.

Let’s face it, we don’t reach a certain level of success by having bad ideas. It’s our experience that makes us an expert in our field or valued by our clients. But it’s also important to remind ourselves occasionally that, like our kids like to say, we don’t know it all and we don’t always know what’s best. More importantly, we don’t know what’s best for other people.

I recently came across this post on AdAge about How to keep your life experience out of brainstorming.

As marketers, advertisers, and business owners – we’re in the business of telling stories. It’s what man has done for thousands of years. It’s what’s shaped us into who we are today. But as the article reminds us:

As creative people, we’re opinionated. We want great ideas to see the light. We like our own ideas and project their success on our intended targets. And this is mostly wrong.

Sure, you wouldn’t be where you are today without your life experience. The key to telling the kind of story your audience wants to hear, whether its an ad campaign or a sales pitch, comes with learning how to put “them” before “I think…”

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