Tell, don’t sell.

“The difference between making a little bit of money and a lot of money can just be in the pitch,” according to TV pitchman Anthony “Sully” Sullivan.
Sullivan, who makes his living selling “As seen on TV” products, recently did an interview with Fast Company where he outlined 7 Tips on Selling Yourself. One of the tips really hit home.

Don’t sell me; tell me.

This is the difference between the salesperson you trust and the salesperson you don’t. Says Sullivan, “I actually went out to dinner with the CEO of HSN, Mindy Grossman, and we’re sitting over dinner, and she just happened to bring up in conversation that she was on the board of Fisker. She was just telling me about this car, she wasn’t selling me at all. ‘Oh my god, this car. They use renewable wood, they use renewable energy, it has a solar panel on the roof, you don’t have to put gas in it. And I’m taking it to work and I’m plugging it in.’ Three days later, I’m at the dealership, and I bought one based on her story.”

There’s no point in making a pitch unless you can make it personal. Why should the other party care? What can you do for them? How can you get them invested in not only the story you have to tell but whatever it is you’re selling.

Focus on telling, not selling.

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