Pinterest Marketing Campaign Study: Peugeot

Last week, I dicussed the Pinterest Marketing Campaign of the clothing company Guess. Using a campaign designed around contest that involved pinning images of colorful clothing, Guess brought brand awareness to Pinterest while also directing traffic to their website.

Another company that used Pinterest for a similar purpose is the French car maker Peugeot, whose Panama unit recently ran a contest that awarded fans who completed a Pinterest puzzle. Using images of cards on their profile page, the brand intentionally left a piece of the board was missing. In order to get the missing pieces, fans had to go to Peugeot Panama’s Facebook Page or website. The key is that the images were scattered throughout, so visitors not only had to visit the page or website but explore it as well.

It’s an interesting concept, creating three “games” in one. First, it’s a contest. Second, a puzzle. And finally, a scavenger hunt. While the contest certainly garnered interest from the social media crowd, I’m more curious to know if it drove SALES.

What do you think — did Peugeot go for a gimick or a creative method of brand awareness?

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