The Women Behind Gatorade

The preferred sports drink of professional athletes and construction workers, is branded by a team of women According to Gatorade’s VP of Marketing, Morgan Flatley,This came as a bit of a surprise to me.

“Women tend to lead differently than men. They bring a more inclusive and consensus-building style, which has worked really well for this brand…And women tend to bring creative problem solving in how they approach business issues.”

In an industry dominated by men, it’s interesting that the company’s big hitters are women.

When it comes marketing, it’s important to have a variety of perspectives. While it may not be possible to rebuild or change members of your team, there’s no reason you can’t start thinking outside the box. Try a different tactic or tackle the next big issue from a different angle.

“The Gatorade executive team has created an extraordinarily dynamic, fast-moving and innovative culture,” said Nick Drake, worldwide managing director at Gatorade’s agency TBWA/ Chiat/Day. “It’s a culture that empowers individuals, values its partners and encourages an integrated structure where everyone rolls up their sleeves to tackle tasks.”

I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of team I’d want at my company.

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