Slam Dunkin’ on Twitter

In the digital age of marketing, we see that now more than ever, quality often surpasses quantity – particularly when it comes to the social media channel Twitter.
When a star (who has made herself into both a brand an a household name) like Lady Gaga exceeds two million followers on Twitter, Dunkin’ Donuts‘ 177,000+ followers may seem like small change. But the reality is that’s still 177,000 followers that want to be involved with a donut shop.

So how does Dunkin’ Donuts do it?

They have a sense of humor. A brand that takes itself too seriously isn’t approachable.

They’re real. Dunkin’ Donuts responds to tweets about purchases gone wrong with initials so that customers know there is a real person answering them.

They’re available.  The responses are made public and handled in a timely fashion, showing a brand that is compassionate and interested.

And their approach isn’t just limited to Twitter. Mashable recognized the company earlier this year for their Smartphone App that allows customers to purchase coffee for their friends, one-upping Starbucks.

Brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Jim Beam and Grey Poupon are just a few of the companies that have stepped into the digital arena, bringing all eyes on them. What are you doing to get your brand in the social media game?

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