Which 12 Hour Shift Do You Want?

My cousin, who had worked hard his entire life, used to say that to be successful you just have to work a half-day every day; just pick whichever 12 hour shift you want.

I use this phrase a lot when I speak about entrepreneurship and what it really takes to make your business a success and earn the respect of customers. How we surpass the competition. Why we become the expert in our field.

What it takes above all other things, is time. When you run your own business the day doesn’t start at 9 a.m. and the thought of it ending at 5 p.m. – well that’s just laughable. While intelligence, experience and connections certainly make the job easier nothing will replace a hard day’s work. So why is it that we’re so careless with our time?  The hour we should have spent researching the big proposal. An evening spent in front of the TV.

Every time you begin a new task is the perfect time to ask, “How does this serve my business?” Remember, you always have the option to work a half-day; just pick whichever 12 hour shift you want.

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