S-E-O so simple

It seems like everywhere you turn lately, there’s a discussion about SEO. While one source says it’s critical to success, another says it’s a thing of the past. But maybe you’re just wondering what it IS.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of improving visibility of online content in search engines such as GOOGLE. While you may not have any desire to use SEO, it is important to at least have a basic understanding of it when communicating with clients and associates.

Successful SEO breaks down into three steps.

1. Finding keywords;
2. Inserting keywords into your writing;
3. Linking

When you’re sitting down to write content that is geared for the online world, first do a little research. Your competitor’s websites are a great place to start looking. Next use a search engine site like Google to search the topic you plan to write about. Use a variety of keywords and see which words bring up the most quality results. Those are the same words you’ll want to use in your content.

Once you’ve identified those words, use them as early and as often as you can in whatever it is you’re writing. Notice the title to this post? And the word “SEO” in the first sentence? There is a method behind all of that SEO madness.

The third thing you can do to ensure a high SEO ranking for your content is to link, link link. Not just once, or twice – but link to as many different, relevant sources as you can. For example, if you’re looking for learn more about SEO, Google offers a helpful Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. You can see here, I’ve linked to the guide. If this guide was someone’s blog, they might just notice that I’ve linked to it and upon reading the post might find it relevant enough to share with their audience and so on.

In less than five minutes, you’ve learned basics of SEO. While you may not see an immediate need for SEO in your in business, you certainly can’t afford to be left out of the discussion.

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