Would you get a tattoo for your customers?

Some brands engage customers. Others go to extremes.

Fred Noe, the CEO of Jim Beam knows a lot about his customers. His recent book “Beam Straight Up” includes knowing your customers as one of the five keys to the success and longevity of the Jim Beam brand. The others? Quality, Consistency, Discipline and Focus. But the fact that Jim Beam is one of the oldest companies in America didn’t keep them from being on the cutting edge of social media. Jim Beam ran a Facebook promotion that said CEO Noe would get a tattoo of the Jim Beam logo if they got more than one million fans in a month. Guess what?

Not only did they blow by that mark, Mr. Noe received hundreds of emails thanking him for keeping his promise.

Know your customers and make them a part of your brand. That’s a mantra for us all.

For more on this story, check out this Fast Company article: ‘4 Basics for Building a Brand as Potent as Jim Beam’ 

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