Ask Questions, Raise Eyebrows

Picture a group of faces. They have their eyebrows raised. What does that say to you?  Simply put, it means they want to know more.

Now picture those same faces, this time with furrowed eyebrows, like they’re saying “Don’t waste my valuable time.” If your audience’s eyebrows go down, it means they are shutting you down. They don’t get it.

So how do we make people’s eyebrows go up?

My very favorite motivational speaker of all time, Sam Horn, has developed a system called the EYEBROW Test to see if you are connecting with your audience.

Remember you are dealing with people whose norm is 140 character tweets, TV shows that change scenes every few seconds, a smart phone
in their hands and music in their ears. If you want someone’s time and money, you better get their attention fast. Just like with an elevator speech, your job is to find a way to disrupt the old boring one way style of communication and replace it with the new two way style of communication.

The bestselling author Elmore Leonard said, “I try to leave out the parts people skip.” Let’s see if you can do that. From now on, instead of telling people what you’re going to talk about,  ask a question to get them engaged. Instead of one way communication, you’re giving them two way communication.   As Sam says, “Statements bore. Questions make us want to hear more.”

Make asking questions your number one goal this week and watch the eyebrows rise.

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