How to Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Chaos

Last week, I had the honor of speaking to 100+ of my client Brooksource’s top recruiters at their national conference. Standing in front of them at the Omni Hotel, I couldn’t help but notice the enthusiasm and energy in this young group (average age 26).
So much for what Fast Company calls “Generation Flux” – a generation confused and conflicted by the constant barrage of information aimed at them – these leaders are exhilarated by the chaos of today’s influx of social media and opportunities to connect. I can’t wait to see what they do with Brooksource’s new branding program.

But let’s get back to this concept of “Generation Flux”. According to Fast Company Magazine, Generation Flux is a new era where:

  • the only thing stable is instability,
  • the most important skill is the ability to acquire new skills, and
  • all of us, including our customers and our consultants, are under constant pressure to learn new things
Note the last bullet point. While many of today’s young leaders thrive on this chaos, there are still plenty of consultants and clients who are completely overwhelmed by the chaos. Let’s start by asking a few questions:
  • How do we use branding to stand out from our competitors?
  • How do we use branding to add value to our offer?
  • How do we use branding to make our company more desirable than anyone else?

My first answer is that we, the marketers and sales people, must always be on. When we start communicating our brand to our consultants, we are also expressing the personality of our company through the tone, the language and the design of all of our materials.

But we are asking for more than their consideration. Sometimes we’re asking for their patience but we’re always asking for their loyalty. Loyalty begins with branding and branding begins with your logo. Although a logo is only a part of a brand, it’s often the element that is most widely seen and remembered.

Here are five things to consider when creating a logo for your business.

  1. Create a strong balanced mark with no little extras that would clutter our look
  2. Create a design that’s distinctive, easy to see at a glance, and memorable
  3. Create a graphic identity that is meaningful
  4. Create a mark that works well with our company name and sets a visual tone for identity programs
  5. Use a typeface that is legible, flexible, likeable, and bold

Your graphic identity should say to your clients that your company stands out from its competitors, your company offers strong value, and that your company is desirable above all others.

Go take a long hard look at your logo. Does it stand out from the chaos?

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